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La Defense, Paris, France { 22 images } Created 16 Nov 2009

La Defense is a major business district for the city of Paris. With a population of 20,844, it is centered in an oval freeway loop straddling the Hauts-de-Seine departement municipalities of Nanterre, Courbevoie and Puteaux. The district is at the westernmost extremity of Paris' 10 km long Historical Axis, which starts at the Louvre in Central Paris and continues along the Champs-Elysees, well beyond the Arc de Triomphe before culminating at La Defense.
Around its 110-metre (360 ft)-high Grande Arche and esplanade ("le Parvis"), the district holds many of the Paris urban area's tallest high-rises. With its 77.5 acres , its 72 glass-and-steel slick buildings including 14 high-rises above 150 metres (490 ft), its 150,000 daily workers and 3.5 million square metres (37.7 million sq ft) of office space, La Defense is Europe's largest purpose-built business district.
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