EVENTO 2009 Bordeaux, France { 71 images } Created 16 Nov 2009

From October 9th to 18th, 2009, Bordeaux offered its inhabitants and visitors a unique artistic and cultural experience: an exhibition spreading throughout the city, which served as a focal point for a profusion of projects by numerous international artists.
The city of Bordeaux has solicited architect and artist Didier Fiuza Faustino to orchestrate an unusual encounter between personalities from more than ten different artistic disciplines and to create an urban itinerary designed to take the works and their creators to the public - whether this audience is composed of demanding contemporary art enthusiasts or of passers-by simply curious about these new messages and experiences.
Collective intimacy
This first edition of evento - which is set to become a biannual event - explores the theme of collective intimacy. The concept of collective intimacy is an invitation to consider the city as a mental territory that draws together the sum of the lived experiences and trajectories that constitute our inner sense of the city. Prior to any strictly physical territorial reality, the city represents the emotional territory of individual personalities - our collective intimacy.
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