Chertanovo housing project in Moscow, Russia { 25 images } Created 16 Nov 2009

"North Chertanovo Residential Zone is a geometric utopia of Soviet planners, built in the 70's with the latest available technology. In Palmin's minimalist photographs, today's Chertanovo is a lost paradise without a single inhabitant. In declaring the subordinate role of the architectural photographer and simply following the architect's conception, Palmin depicts a pure form, but his photographic methods possess the characteristics of a neutron bomb. People have been banished from his paradise for eternity, while the form, (concrete, glass and metal) will live on to the latter days. It decays in front of our very eyes, subordinated to time and nature. It is hardly likely that anyone would take it into their head lovingly to resurrect it, or regret its collapse. Paradise needed no inhabitants, and people have no need of a temporal paradise." (Yu. Avvakumov, 2000).
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